You are Your Greatest Asset

It never ceases to amaze me how some people will settle for nearly anything they can get. Especially when it comes to love and money, two of the most important aspects of life. I, as much as anyone else, have had my share of lean times when it comes to both, love and money.

I believe that there is a period, in the developmental phase of life; when you haven’t quite put your finger on who you are and why you are here, where judgement and reasoning is clouded by desire and insecurity.

During this period, it is understandable that one would settle for a dead-end job, and less that fulfilling relationships. I also believe that this phase is a part of growth and at some point, one should transcend it. You know, grow up and expand. At some point, everyone should begin to recognize their own power. 

I honestly, believe that there is an almost tangible shift that occurs in a properly oriented individual. It is a shift that takes one from the path of “life by default” to “life by design”. I say that this shift occurs in properly oriented individuals because, I believe that there are those among us that have remained in suspended animation of the developmental phase so long that any kind of positive growth and development is beyond their willingness to accomplish.

It is not that they are incapable of change, anyone who has the desire to do so can change their lives at will. I simply believe that some people have stagnated so long that unless some drastic event intervened in their lives, they are incapable of generating the desire require to make the necessary changes.

There are those who will forfeit their greatness for a life of mediocrity because they can not bear the weight of self-responsibility. These are the ones who will stay on a job they hate for years of their lives, and disregard every opportunity that the meet as a scam, simply because it is easier to blame their fact that their lives suck on the job.

Everyone know that when you break away from the pseudo-security of the job, you are responsible for yourself. Freedom has never been free. It requires one to stretch, to grow, to fail, and to think. It requires one to become more than what they are. This most likely will lead to disapproval, something that many people simply cannot tolerate.

There are those who will bend over backward to stay in a relationship that stands between them and their power, simply because it is better than being alone. I have heard, my idol, Les Brown, ask “Are you living together or are you dying together?” I do believe I would rather be living alone than dying with anyone. It has never taken me long to know if a relationship was good or bad for me.

There was a time when it took me a long time to do something about it.  There was a time when I would sit around hoping for the miracle that would change a man, so that he would realize the treasure he had in me. That was a long time ago. Life has taught me that I can love anyone from a distance. 

There are situations where this is necessary. Because no matter how you slice it relationships affect finances. And well, finance is my life. I am The Money Metaphysician, after all. I earn my living teaching about money, writing about money, helping some people heal their relationships with money, and helping others make money. Anything that gets between myself and my money must go and anything that insults my soul also must go.

There is nothing to discuss, there is nothing to consider, there is nothing to think about. I am always the one who has the final say about what I will and will and will not tolerate in my life. I know that anytime I am walking with another, either I must adjust to their pace or they must adjust to mine. I am on my way somewhere. I am on a deadline. Anyone who cannot go where I am going cannot walk with me. Anyone that slows me down or hold me back cannot walk with me.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go. A closed hand will not let anything out. It also will not let anything in. But what if letting go made room for the unfolding of your magnificence. What if your greatness was on the other side of that heartbreak or that pink slip? What would you be if you were free to choose YOU?

What if you put yourself first, for once in your life? What if you took the time to learn more about the next opportunity that came your way instead of dismissing it? What if told that man or woman who is sucking up your time and energy to clear the runway so that you can take off. What would happen if YOU WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE? The truth is you are your greatest asset. Take care of you.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


5 Things I Wish More Women Knew

A Note to My Readers: This post was originally written and published on November 23, 2017. At the time it was to be a part of a book called “Every Woman Should Know… Well, the book has yet to be written. Life and Circumstances took me in a different direction. I hope you all enjoy my old work as well as the new things my mind creates. Thank You all for your continued love and support over the years. With Love TalibahAset

1.Sex and love are not equivalent or necessarily related.

2. The primary reason you can not find love, is you haven’t learned to receive it, especially from yourself.

3. You can not be responsible for what you can not control, let it go

4. Being a spoiled, petulant child of a woman is not the same thing as being Queen..The Queen often, sacrifices her wants for the needs of others..It’s her JOB

5. Neediness and Desperation are NOT attractive 

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


The Value of Being Patient

Fishing is a wonderful way to teach children to understand patience.

I often took my children fishing when they were young. It is a wonderful way to teach children about patience. Adults can learn a thing or two as well. When you are fishing, you cast your line, and then wait. The fish bite in their own time. There isn’t one thing you can do to speed up the process. You wait or quit.

Waiting is hard especially when you are experiencing a difficult situation. Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to do something when the situation calls for patience and perseverance.

Often, being forced to wait can be beneficial if we use it to meditate, contemplate, and reflect. Time is a wonderful ally to those who have the kind of inner strength that empowers them to quietly work within themselves, while sticking to the path they have charted.

There will be times when others think you are literally bat shit crazy for not giving up and doing something that may yield faster results.  I know all about that.  I set out on this path many years ago. There have been times when I didn’t know where my next meal would come from.

All I have ever really known was that I was called to the path and couldn’t leave it. I knew that no matter how hard things got I would make it because it is what I was ordained to do. All the hardships are simply a part of the process, a special kind of on the job training.

 No, I did not come into this world, “TalibahAset: The Money Metaphysician.” I did come into the world with all the gifts, talents, and abilities that would eventually become “The Money Metaphysician.”

They were so deeply hidden at one point; you wouldn’t have even seen a glimpse of what I am today. The Money Metaphysician was born from hardships and patience. I had to learn to persevere, to bend time, and keep a positive attitude. 

If you also learn to persevere, bend time, and keep a positive attitude you will find that even the toughest obstacles must give way to time.

If you also learn to persevere, bend time, and keep a positive attitude you will find that even the toughest obstacles must give way to time. When we rush a thing, impatiently forcing the results, we stimulate resistance and cause the very setbacks we are trying to avoid. At best you will succeed on the surface, and at worst have the whole project blow up in your face.

It is steadfastness, holding to your integrity in the face of obstacles, criticisms, loss, or whatever life might toss your way that will lead you to the permanent improvements you truly desire. In the end, it’s patience that will bring to you the fruition of your greatness. Be focused. Be determined.  And BE PATIENT.

Peace, Power, and Prosperity


The Divine Standard of Beauty

A Note to My Readers: “The Divine Standard of Beauty was originally written and published on November 22, 2016. As I have grown as a writer and finally settled into “My Thing” I realized that I have a body of work spread out over the web and have decided to bring it all home to the “Words, Wealth, Wellness & Womanhood blog. I hope you all will enjoy seeing how my work has grown over the years. I have made some slight edits and corrections but the message has remained untouched. Thank you for all of you continued love and support over the years.” – With Love TalibahAset


The Divine doesn’t care if your breast are too small or your ass is too big. It doesn’t matter what size your waist is. You are a masterpiece simply based upon the fact that you are here, having a human experience. If you want to change your body, by all means do so. Just remember, you are already beautiful because you are. You do not need to be more anything. Just be You. You are enough.

 Peace, Power and Prosperity